For a real estate purchase, Venture Title & Escrow acts as an escrow agent by serving as a trusted neutral third party to hold all documents and funds for both buyer and seller. We also assist the parties in meeting the terms of the purchase contract and work in conjunction with the real estate professionals involved towards a successful closing.

If you are obtaining financing, a lender may establish an escrow account to pay for property taxes and homeowners insurance through your monthly mortgage payment, this type of escrow account, known as a mortgage escrow account or reserve escrow account is managed by your lender, post-closing. Your lender will be a resource for any questions relating to this type of account.



A real estate transaction may be one of the largest financial transactions you will be involved in. Having a trusted escrow partner is an essential tool that protects all parties in a real estate transaction for several reasons, here are a few:

Generally, a purchase agreement calls for a good faith deposit, also known as an earnest money deposit, to be collected upon execution of the agreement. In addition, down payment funds will be collected. The escrow holder not only verifies these are good funds but also ensures all terms agreed upon by both parties are met prior to disbursing any funds. In the event all terms and conditions are unable to be met and the transaction fails, earnest money held in the escrow account can be returned to the party agreed upon.



The escrow agent will manage the transaction from start to finish.  Throughout a transaction, the escrow agent will collaborate with the buyer, seller, real estate agents, attorneys, and lenders as applicable to gather all information and documents necessary to meet all requirements of the purchase agreement, title insurance commitment, and lending requirements.

The escrow agent will also coordinate and perform the signing of necessary closing documents, including loan documents and deeds needed to convey title.

After the signing, the escrow agent will distribute all funds as detailed in the real estate contract and mortgage agreement. These payments include real estate agent commissions, loan origination fees, title fees, insurance fees, HOA dues, the purchase funds from your mortgage loan, and any other closing costs, as detailed in your final settlement statement.


The escrow fee is a one-time charge and is collected at the time of closing as part of your closing costs. Generally, the cost of escrow is split between parties as this service benefits both buyer and seller however this fee can be negotiated when executing the purchase contract.